10 Reasons Not To Purchase Any of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medigap plans are very popular in US states. All most 25% of the US population uses Medicare advantage plans. Though these plans are designed to fill the gaps in the original Medicare plan it has some own flaws. These gaps itself is not ignorable.  Get a quote at https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/

  • Chronic disease uncovered:

There is some chronic disease which is not benefited from Medigap plans. If you have any of these following diseases your application may be denied;

Lou Gehrig’s disease

Alcohol/drug abuse

Alzheimer’s disease

Chronic lung/pulmonary disorder


Congestive heart failure

Insulin-dependent diabetes


End Stage Renal Disease



Immune disorders (AIDS)

The mental/nervous disorder

Myasthenia gravis

Organ transplant

Osteoporosis (if severe/disabling)

Surgery, medical test, treatment, or therapy

Use of advantageal oxygen or/and nebulizer etc.

  • Age limitation:

If you are not 65 then you can’t apply for Medigap plans.

  • Drug coverage:

It doesn’t cover drug insurance. You have purchase Medicare part D separately for covering the cost of drugs.

  • Can’t be sold alone:

You must have original Medicare insurance to buy Medigap plans. Without Part A and Part B Medicare plan, you can’t enroll in Medigap plans.

  • Stand-alone policy:

Medigaps can be purchased for individuals. If you have Medigap plan your spouse can’t get the benefit. Your spouse has to buy different Medicare advantage plans.

Medicare Advantage plans 2019

  • Private insurance:

These policies are not sold by the US government. US government is not responsible for any kind of loss of money or policy or fraud.  Private insurance providers are responsible for cheating. Choose a trustable insurance company.  You have to purchase Medigap plans at your own risk.

  • Different premiums:

Every state has the different premium range for different Medigap plans. Some state has a high premium of $300 or some have as low as $100. It totally depends upon state insurance policies.

  • Different plans:

In the name of the same Medigap plan different states provide different facilities. When you are planning to change state this might be a problem.

  • Not include extra care:

Extra cares like vision, dental is not included in these plans. It doesn’t cover the cost of lenses, hearing aids etc.

  • Register within time:

If you don’t enroll in the time of open enrollment session then you may have to face the medical examination. This may lead you to the rejection of your application.  With this list of disadvantages, Medicare advantage plans still work smoothly. It only covers the remaining 20% of the cost of medical expenses. So if you are planning to buy any of medical plans then think carefully do you really need that? If not too much necessary then it’s better to avoid.