Beverages Seniors Should Avoid When Travelling

Beverages Seniors Should Avoid When Travelling

Staying properly hydrated is an essential part of healthy living that every senior citizen should take seriously including the times they are travelling. Taking plenty of fluids is an excellent way to stay hydrated. While it is important that you take plenty of fluids for you to stay properly hydrated, there are some drinks you should simply avoid for the sake of your health, safety, and happiness especially when you are travelling. There are some drinks that are totally harmless to your body when you are at home, but they are not great choices when you are travelling. According to the experts, older travelers should avoid the following beverages and have a Medicare Supplement Plans 2020 with  just in case of issues

  1. Alcohol

Whether you are travelling by road, air or water, alcohol is one drink you should avoid indulging in. First, if you are driving yourself, it is a crime to drive under the influence of alcohol in any country anywhere in the world, and trying to drink and drive will only get you into trouble with the authorities. Secondly, getting drunk in a plane can cause you more trouble that you can imagine. Besides risking being arrested due to unnecessary disturbance to other passengers, you might also be barred from boarding your connecting flight if you appear intoxicated. Thirdly, alcohol dehydrates you more than you can imagine. This means that taking alcohol can cause unnecessary headaches and it can make you tired and bored.

  1. Tap water

At 65 and beyond, your body is more susceptible to infections, and you should avoid anything that could be contaminated or dirty. Tap water in a plane or anywhere else is not always clean enough for drinking. If you are travelling by road, buy bottled water at gas points or at the shops along the road. Even if you have stopped at a restaurant to have food, you should never ask for tap water. The same applies when you are on a plane. Tap water on airplanes is extremely dirty because the tanks where the water is stored are rarely cleaned. This makes these tanks breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria and viruses that can cause illness.

  1. Coffee

Coffee is a great drink when you are at home, but not when you are on a plane. Coffee on airplanes is made from the same tap water that we have already told you how dirty it is. Even though it is boiled, you should never take chances. Otherwise, you might get ill. Coffee also dehydrates your body very much. While this might not be a problem because you can counter its effect by drinking plenty of bottled water, it is not an advisable move since airplane is already a very dehydrating environment.

Tips for Travelling Safe for Boomers

Tips for Travelling Safe for Boomers

If you think that as you are growing old you must stop travelling then think again? Why shouldn’t you travel? Because you are not at the best of your health or because you think that travelling is for the young ones?  Forget all those stuff and travel as until and unless you travel you cannot explore new things with your old experience. There may be physical limitations and the style of travelling may change but you should travel.  Here are few tips for travelling as you get older.

Get insured

Travel insurance is important for people of any age but as you grow old and travel it is a must. It is going to bear the tensions that might arise during the trip. At least you do not have to worry about money. Insurance will make you feel peace at mind as if you get hurt you do not have to spend an extra penny from your pocket.

Don’t advertise your absence

Another problem that older travelers face is that they are the target of the vandals. In order to protect your belongings you may think that hotels are safe. Yes they are safe but not safest. Do not put on the sign of clean my room when you are not present. Thieves are well aware that you will not carry valuables along with you and leave them in your room. They try to grab that opportunity. Thus, let the front desk know that you need cleaning and go outdoors. Get a medicare advantage plan at

Watch what you eat

You must agree to the fact that your tummies will not support you as it used to during your 30s or 40s. When you are travelling you may love to taste the local cuisines and you should do that, but be careful. Try to avoid those food items that are spicy and cheesy. Try them but just a bite to enjoy the taste and flavor. Eating too much may not let you leave your hotel room the next day!

Mind Your Meds

While travelling you should be very careful about your medicines. Actually you must take the same care like you take of your passport and valuables. Do not leave them open in hotel rooms and also carry enough medicine that will last throughout the trip. If possible take a few more. You must also write in a paper about the essential medicines that you take. This is for any emergency.  While you are travelling you should keep others in loop. They must be informed about your whereabouts.  All this will make you enjoy your trip as well as stay safe while you are travelling.

Get the Best Health and Medical Benefits Though the Various Medicare Supplement Plans

Securing the future and the life of a human being is the goal which all human beings live for. In the old age when the personal health of a being worsens over time, the person is required to visit the doctors and the hospitals very often.

Having a Medicare plan or policy for medical coverages allows the people who hold such policies to be covered by the insurance companies the premiums for which has had been provided by the policyholders themselves over time. This leads to securing their future in case anything happens or occurs with respect to their medical health. Amidst all the Medicare plans which the various policy or insurance providers in the market provide their customers with, the Medicare supplement plan holds a special place in the place.

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It is to be noted that for every individual, in order to get hold of a Medicare supplement plan, it is very important and mandatory for them to get a Medicare original policy first. Without the proper original Medicare policies, one will not be able to opt or choose for the supplement plan.

medicare supplement plans 2019

Difference between Medicare and Medicare supplement plans

The basic difference between the both is that, in case of the original Medicare plans, these policies promise to cover each and every medical expense which tends to cover all surgical and operative expenses. It does not, however, apply for the other expenses incurred like on medical bills of hospice expenses. This is very important in the recent times as hospitals and medicines get more expensive day by day.

Choose the best Medicare supplement plan for yourself

With a proper planning of the expenses that are required by a person every month and the anticipated costs of the doctors and hospitals visited in a month, a person can choose their perspective plans which shall help them secure their future for this kind of overhead expenses. The Medicare supplement plan helps the people by covering each and every expense which the original Medicare would not cover up for.

Choosing the perspective plans also let the people pay for the premiums and claim it as and when needed. Hence, it secures the financial stability of the people in the retired ages of the individual.

Secure you future right now!

In other words, Medicare supplement plan provides a lot of benefits over the original Medicare plans. The supplement plans are held and provided by some of the well-known private insurance companies in the market and also prove to be useful when any kind of medical emergency arises.

What to Choose Between Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare plans are medical insurance policies which people must have. It is a smart choice to protect your family and yourself during any crisis. Before you wonder what kind of Medicare plans are there and how to choose the best, here is your solution –

How many Medicare plans are there?  Get more details at

If you want to know the entire medical insurance policies including privates ones then there are total five. Original Medicare plan has two major sections which are Part A and Part B. These two plans, including Part D, are offered by the government where Part C is little different. This part C is a private insurance policy with extra benefits and approved by the government.

Apart from these four Medicare plans there is another plan which is completely private insurance policy. Medicare Supplement plans which filled the gaps which are left by other Medicare plans.

What are these medical insurance policies?

Each of them out of five Medicare plans includes different insurance criteria. For example,

  • Part A: This is a basic hospital insurance policy. It includes nurse care and sometimes nurse home care. Hospice and home health care are also included in this policy.
  • Part B: It is one of the major Medicare plans. This policy is used especially for your health care.
  • Part C: Part C has some benefits which original Medicare plans don’t have like HMO, PPO, PFFS, HMOPOS, and MSA etc. it also has the vision and dental care and sometimes prescribed drug coverage.
  • Part D: Even though you have insurance for all medical needs then you must not overlook the Part D. It is only for prescribed drug coverage.
  • Medicare Supplement plans: When all above Medicare plans are failed to cover you 100% medical cost then Medigap plans come to rescue. Medigap plans have almost ten policy plans offered by private insurance providers.

How do you plan to buy Medicare plans?

When you are ready to purchase Medicare plans then you must have part A and Part B in a shopping bag. Part C, Part D, and Medigap are optional but you should buy them too. You can either Buy Part A, Part B, and Part C together or Part A, Part B & Medigap plans together.

Part C (Medicare advantage plan) and Medicare supplement plans don’t work together. So choose your preference whether you need to cover the out-of-pocket cost or you need advantage facilities provided by Part C. But you should have one of them with original Medicare plans.

10 Reasons Not To Purchase Any of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medigap plans are very popular in US states. All most 25% of the US population uses Medicare advantage plans. Though these plans are designed to fill the gaps in the original Medicare plan it has some own flaws. These gaps itself is not ignorable.  Get a quote at

  • Chronic disease uncovered:

There is some chronic disease which is not benefited from Medigap plans. If you have any of these following diseases your application may be denied;

Lou Gehrig’s disease

Alcohol/drug abuse

Alzheimer’s disease

Chronic lung/pulmonary disorder


Congestive heart failure

Insulin-dependent diabetes


End Stage Renal Disease



Immune disorders (AIDS)

The mental/nervous disorder

Myasthenia gravis

Organ transplant

Osteoporosis (if severe/disabling)

Surgery, medical test, treatment, or therapy

Use of advantageal oxygen or/and nebulizer etc.

  • Age limitation:

If you are not 65 then you can’t apply for Medigap plans.

  • Drug coverage:

It doesn’t cover drug insurance. You have purchase Medicare part D separately for covering the cost of drugs.

  • Can’t be sold alone:

You must have original Medicare insurance to buy Medigap plans. Without Part A and Part B Medicare plan, you can’t enroll in Medigap plans.

  • Stand-alone policy:

Medigaps can be purchased for individuals. If you have Medigap plan your spouse can’t get the benefit. Your spouse has to buy different Medicare advantage plans.

Medicare Advantage plans 2019

  • Private insurance:

These policies are not sold by the US government. US government is not responsible for any kind of loss of money or policy or fraud.  Private insurance providers are responsible for cheating. Choose a trustable insurance company.  You have to purchase Medigap plans at your own risk.

  • Different premiums:

Every state has the different premium range for different Medigap plans. Some state has a high premium of $300 or some have as low as $100. It totally depends upon state insurance policies.

  • Different plans:

In the name of the same Medigap plan different states provide different facilities. When you are planning to change state this might be a problem.

  • Not include extra care:

Extra cares like vision, dental is not included in these plans. It doesn’t cover the cost of lenses, hearing aids etc.

  • Register within time:

If you don’t enroll in the time of open enrollment session then you may have to face the medical examination. This may lead you to the rejection of your application.  With this list of disadvantages, Medicare advantage plans still work smoothly. It only covers the remaining 20% of the cost of medical expenses. So if you are planning to buy any of medical plans then think carefully do you really need that? If not too much necessary then it’s better to avoid.

Medicare Supplement Plans And Medicare Advantage Plan – Do They Work Together?


Are you confused between Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plan?  Do you want both benefits in one policy? The answer is no. You can’t buy Part A and Medigap together. While Part A, B, and D are offered by US government; Part C is government approved private insurance policy. But Medicare supplement plans are offered by only private insurance organizations.

Brief knowledge about all Medicare plans:

  • Part A includes –
  1. Hospital care
  2. Skilled nurse facility
  3. Private nurse care
  4. Hospice care
  5. Healthcare at home etc.
  • Part B includes –
  1. It is one of the major Medicare plans includes Annual wellness
  2. Full medical assistance
  3. Laboratory test
  4. Ambulance service
  5. Medical equipment
  6. Mental health care etc.
  • Part C includes –
  1. Part C has some benefits which original Medicare plans don’t have like health maintenance organization
  2. Preferred Provider Organization
  3. Private Fee-For-Service
  4. Special Needs Plans
  5. Vision care
  6. Dental care
  7. Prescribed drug coverage
  • Part D includes –
  1. Generic drug coverage
  2. Preferred brand-name drug coverage
  3. Non – preferred drug coverage
  4. Most expensive non-preferred, specialty, branded drug coverage
  • Medicare Supplement plans:
  1. It covers extra 20% cost of medical service which original Medicare plan doesn’t cover
  2. Skilled Nurse facility
  3. Foreign tour medical coverage up to 80%
  4. Coinsurance
  5. Copayments
  6. Deductibles
  7. First 3 pints blood etc.

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Part C which is Medicare advantage plan and Medigaps are two completely different policies. But you can have either Part C or Medigap. Expecting both in your medical insurance policies together is not possible. US government restricted to use these two plans together in one insurance plan. Rules, are rule you can’t deny it.

But to purchase any of these plans you must have original Medicare plan (Part A & Part B). The facilities that are provided by these two plans are not similar.

Compare between Part C and Medigap:

  • One is constructed to provide advantage care another one saves you extra 20% medical expenses.
  • Part C includes dental, vision care but Medigap don’t.
  • Part C is available almost all states in the USA with original Medicare but Medigap plans can differ state wise.
  • Part C is cheaper than Medigap plans. The premium amounts of Medigap differ in every state. Choices of plans in part C is limited while Medigap has 10 plans to choose.
  • Medigap has benefits of covering medical emergency during foreign tours which part C doesn’t have.

So be careful while choosing your Medicare policies.


Medicare Supplement Plans That Deserve Your Attention For 2019

Investing for medical and healthcare services always worth it, especially if it is intended for the elderly people. People generally make their old-age medical plans prior to reaching that age so that they become able to get the essential services as and when required. Getting a medical insurance is the most excellent option in this regard. Now, it often happens that some factors related to the medical and health care services are not provided by the insurance policies. In such a situation, the requirement for the additional plans is felt. For those, who are getting retired from their work-like in this year, are needed to make the entire arrangement at the correct time. Because of that, they need to gather knowledge of the best supplement medical insurance plans.

However, sorting out the best supplemental medical plans is quite difficult as easy of these Medicare Supplement Plans serve some specific healthcare purposes. You are required to choose the one that suits your requirements almost perfectly. Here we are giving the details of some of the most frequently chosen plans for your convenience:

Things to consider while choosing Medicare Supplement Plans

Choosing the best Medicare Supplement Plans is not choosing the plan with the most coverage. Several plans are there that provide the most medical expenses coverage but, if you do not need frequent medical services, you may feel like having your money wasted for nothing as these high-coverage plans require a high amount of premiums. Other plans are also there that do not cover so many expenses but that might be appropriate for your need. So, before going for any particular supplementary scheme, gather sufficient knowledge of the expenses covered by it. If you think that it is sufficient according to your current health condition, you can safely opt for that plan only.

How to select the most appropriate plan-find out at

The Medicare Supplement Plans are known as Medigap plans and there are more than a few plans available for the elderly people above 65 years of age. Among them, the Medigap F is a popular plan that provides the maximum coverage for almost all types of expenses related to health care and medical services. However, the premium expenditure for this plan is also high compared to the other types of available plans. Apart from this, there are plan G and plan N which are comparatively less expensive but cover several important expenses. These plans can be the best choice for those who are physically fit and just need a supplementary plan to cover the additional medical expenses.

Seek the advice of some expert before choosing any medical insurance supplement plan. Carefully read all the papers before buying a policy.