Beverages Seniors Should Avoid When Travelling

Beverages Seniors Should Avoid When Travelling

Staying properly hydrated is an essential part of healthy living that every senior citizen should take seriously including the times they are travelling. Taking plenty of fluids is an excellent way to stay hydrated. While it is important that you take plenty of fluids for you to stay properly hydrated, there are some drinks you should simply avoid for the sake of your health, safety, and happiness especially when you are travelling. There are some drinks that are totally harmless to your body when you are at home, but they are not great choices when you are travelling. According to the experts, older travelers should avoid the following beverages and have a Medicare Supplement Plans 2020 with  just in case of issues

  1. Alcohol

Whether you are travelling by road, air or water, alcohol is one drink you should avoid indulging in. First, if you are driving yourself, it is a crime to drive under the influence of alcohol in any country anywhere in the world, and trying to drink and drive will only get you into trouble with the authorities. Secondly, getting drunk in a plane can cause you more trouble that you can imagine. Besides risking being arrested due to unnecessary disturbance to other passengers, you might also be barred from boarding your connecting flight if you appear intoxicated. Thirdly, alcohol dehydrates you more than you can imagine. This means that taking alcohol can cause unnecessary headaches and it can make you tired and bored.

  1. Tap water

At 65 and beyond, your body is more susceptible to infections, and you should avoid anything that could be contaminated or dirty. Tap water in a plane or anywhere else is not always clean enough for drinking. If you are travelling by road, buy bottled water at gas points or at the shops along the road. Even if you have stopped at a restaurant to have food, you should never ask for tap water. The same applies when you are on a plane. Tap water on airplanes is extremely dirty because the tanks where the water is stored are rarely cleaned. This makes these tanks breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria and viruses that can cause illness.

  1. Coffee

Coffee is a great drink when you are at home, but not when you are on a plane. Coffee on airplanes is made from the same tap water that we have already told you how dirty it is. Even though it is boiled, you should never take chances. Otherwise, you might get ill. Coffee also dehydrates your body very much. While this might not be a problem because you can counter its effect by drinking plenty of bottled water, it is not an advisable move since airplane is already a very dehydrating environment.