Medicare Supplement Plans And Medicare Advantage Plan – Do They Work Together?


Are you confused between Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plan?  Do you want both benefits in one policy? The answer is no. You can’t buy Part A and Medigap together. While Part A, B, and D are offered by US government; Part C is government approved private insurance policy. But Medicare supplement plans are offered by only private insurance organizations.

Brief knowledge about all Medicare plans:

  • Part A includes –
  1. Hospital care
  2. Skilled nurse facility
  3. Private nurse care
  4. Hospice care
  5. Healthcare at home etc.
  • Part B includes –
  1. It is one of the major Medicare plans includes Annual wellness
  2. Full medical assistance
  3. Laboratory test
  4. Ambulance service
  5. Medical equipment
  6. Mental health care etc.
  • Part C includes –
  1. Part C has some benefits which original Medicare plans don’t have like health maintenance organization
  2. Preferred Provider Organization
  3. Private Fee-For-Service
  4. Special Needs Plans
  5. Vision care
  6. Dental care
  7. Prescribed drug coverage
  • Part D includes –
  1. Generic drug coverage
  2. Preferred brand-name drug coverage
  3. Non – preferred drug coverage
  4. Most expensive non-preferred, specialty, branded drug coverage
  • Medicare Supplement plans:
  1. It covers extra 20% cost of medical service which original Medicare plan doesn’t cover
  2. Skilled Nurse facility
  3. Foreign tour medical coverage up to 80%
  4. Coinsurance
  5. Copayments
  6. Deductibles
  7. First 3 pints blood etc.

Medicare Advantage plan with AARP Medicare supplement plans at

Part C which is Medicare advantage plan and Medigaps are two completely different policies. But you can have either Part C or Medigap. Expecting both in your medical insurance policies together is not possible. US government restricted to use these two plans together in one insurance plan. Rules, are rule you can’t deny it.

But to purchase any of these plans you must have original Medicare plan (Part A & Part B). The facilities that are provided by these two plans are not similar.

Compare between Part C and Medigap:

  • One is constructed to provide advantage care another one saves you extra 20% medical expenses.
  • Part C includes dental, vision care but Medigap don’t.
  • Part C is available almost all states in the USA with original Medicare but Medigap plans can differ state wise.
  • Part C is cheaper than Medigap plans. The premium amounts of Medigap differ in every state. Choices of plans in part C is limited while Medigap has 10 plans to choose.
  • Medigap has benefits of covering medical emergency during foreign tours which part C doesn’t have.

So be careful while choosing your Medicare policies.