What to Choose Between Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare plans are medical insurance policies which people must have. It is a smart choice to protect your family and yourself during any crisis. Before you wonder what kind of Medicare plans are there and how to choose the best, here is your solution –

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If you want to know the entire medical insurance policies including privates ones then there are total five. Original Medicare plan has two major sections which are Part A and Part B. These two plans, including Part D, are offered by the government where Part C is little different. This part C is a private insurance policy with extra benefits and approved by the government.

Apart from these four Medicare plans there is another plan which is completely private insurance policy. Medicare Supplement plans which filled the gaps which are left by other Medicare plans.

What are these medical insurance policies?

Each of them out of five Medicare plans includes different insurance criteria. For example,

  • Part A: This is a basic hospital insurance policy. It includes nurse care and sometimes nurse home care. Hospice and home health care are also included in this policy.
  • Part B: It is one of the major Medicare plans. This policy is used especially for your health care.
  • Part C: Part C has some benefits which original Medicare plans don’t have like HMO, PPO, PFFS, HMOPOS, and MSA etc. it also has the vision and dental care and sometimes prescribed drug coverage.
  • Part D: Even though you have insurance for all medical needs then you must not overlook the Part D. It is only for prescribed drug coverage.
  • Medicare Supplement plans: When all above Medicare plans are failed to cover you 100% medical cost then Medigap plans come to rescue. Medigap plans have almost ten policy plans offered by private insurance providers.

How do you plan to buy Medicare plans?

When you are ready to purchase Medicare plans then you must have part A and Part B in a shopping bag. Part C, Part D, and Medigap are optional but you should buy them too. You can either Buy Part A, Part B, and Part C together or Part A, Part B & Medigap plans together.

Part C (Medicare advantage plan) and Medicare supplement plans don’t work together. So choose your preference whether you need to cover the out-of-pocket cost or you need advantage facilities provided by Part C. But you should have one of them with original Medicare plans.